Fun Factory

Fun Factory
Release date
01 January 1970
Fun Factory
01 January 1970 |

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The good time dance machine par excellence was how one critic described Fun Factory – probably the most
accurate, characterization ever made of this group. With their high-explosive mixture of pop, dance, rap, techno
and reggae elements, they have achieved international acclaim and their singles can be found in the
charts the world over.

Tracks such as “Groove Me“, “Take Your Chance“, “Close To You“, “Pain” and most of all “I Wanna Be With You” and
also “Celebration” made their way into the top ranks of all important at Media Control and Dance Charts. And not
only in Germany, Fun Factory tracks have climbed high in the charts in Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore,
Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Filipines, China, Poland, France, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic,
Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy and in the USA as well, and have made the group one of the most remarkable
European acts internationally. For a band whose strength is interpreting the European idea of dance, this is a major
success. it should come as no surprise that the members of Fun Factory are almost all European.

Fun Factory are more than just one of the many nameless DJ projects who ascend to chart heaven for a short time
only to fall again and disappear into obscurity. The members see themselves more as a band in the classical sense of
the word, influenced by the spirit and roots of R&B, but taking full advantage of the most modern studio
technology, Fun Factory won’t allow themselves and their music to be filed away under any particular category.
“The main thing is that it grooves, it kicks, it beeps and that the people feel good…” is Smooth T’s answer when
asked about the group’s secret recipe for international success.

The ever growing number of Fun Factory fans are thrilled by the group’s live performances and during 12 months
they toured three times in the USA, in South East Asia and in the whole of Europe. Doing shows is very important
for the band members too. They need the direct contact with their public like they need air to breathe. On stage,
the true talent of a dance act is exposed and is all too often disappointing but Fun Factory really make it happen.
Their stage act is pure entertainment, conceived and developed to perfection by Steve and Smooth T who both
have a background in the martial arts.

The positive vibes and just all around Good time the group brings brings with it Is incorporated into their very
name. Fun Factory, the name says it all.


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