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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

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Flamboyant, Viking-like Swede Bo Martin Erik “E-Type” Eriksson was a prominent figure in the Scandinavian
club/dance scene throughout the ’90s and early 2000s. After putting in time as a drummer for the Scandinavian
metal group Hexenhaus and as a DJ for Z-TV, E-Type released his first single as a solo artist, “I’m Falling,” in 1993.
The single flopped, but E-Type regrouped over the course of the following year and broke into the Swedish music
scene with the Max Martin-produced single “Set the World on Fire.” The track soared to number one on the
Swedish dance charts, paving the way for the release of E-Type’s second single, “This Is the Way.” E-Type’s debut
full-length, Made in Sweden, came out soon after, peaking at number two on the Swedish albums chart. E-Type’s
second album, The Explorer, followed two years later, featuring singles like “Free Like a Flying Demon” and “Calling
Your Name.” Another full-length, Last Man Standing, which featured the singles “Angels Crying” and “Here I Go
Again,” came out in 1998. E-Type’s first book, Sveakampen, a memoir of sorts in which the artist’s friends and family
were depicted as Vikings, was published two years later, and his third full-length, Euro IV Ever, hit stores in late
2001. Loud Pipes Save Lives followed in 2004, featuring the single “Paradise,” and another single, “True Believer,”
hit the Scandinavian airwaves three years later.


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