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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

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What does it mean to conquer? For Conkarah, his namesake symbolizes a relentless pursuit of dreams, and his
story is one of passion and unbridled determination.

Born Nicholas Murray, Conkarah’s love for music started as a child in Kingston, Jamaica, singing his favorite songs
to his mother, from Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs to Boyz II Men, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Backstreet Boys.
Back then, his musical interests came second to sports, as Conkarah, son to a famed member of Jamaica’s national
soccer team, spent most of his time on the field. It wasn’t until a career-ending injury led him to reevaluate his
purpose and reconnect with the melodies that so deeply moved him. Music became therapy, it was a path forward.

Between penning and recording his own music, Conkarah put together soulful covers of his favorite records. With
a growing following, he embarked on 2 global tours. As an independent artist fueled by a desire to touch crowds,
his vision became his reality, staying with locals during his travels and immersing himself in the cultures of fans.
Love, joy, uncertainty, hope, adversity, every emotion became part of Conkarah as a person, and all of it was
channeled into his music. While traveling in Colombia, Conkarah wrote “Banana” feat. reggae-legend Shaggy. Later
remixed by DJ FLe the track received global acclaim. Now, things have come full circle for Conkarah, the kid from
Kingston has become the artist that people from across the globe now sing along to.


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