B.G. the Prince of Rap

B.G. the Prince of Rap
Release date
01 January 1970
B.G. the Prince of Rap
01 January 1970 |

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B.G. The Prince OF Rap‘s real name is Bernard Greene. He was born in Washington DC on September 28th 1965.
Like so many artists before him, the U.S. Army brought him to Europe. This is how, after graduating from high
school, he arrived in Germany in 1985.

After he left the Army, he began to live of his talents of singer and dancer which he had discovered during his
scholarship. “Everything began in a”, he tells. “My first musical experience was in a Rhythm & Blues style, which still
remains my favorite music style”.

Without any difficulty he made his place on the Frankfurter scene, awarding first places in many rap contests. So
much talent could not remain unnoticed.

His first official single, Rap to the World, was recorded by Monster of Loud-Ness. Released in 1990, it scored big in
German clubs.

It was followed by Give Me the Music and Take Control of The Party. He released his first album The Power of Rhythm in 1991.

His biggest hit in the US came in 1991 when he reached number one on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with
his 4th single This Beat Is Hot. The single made it to #72 on the Hot 100 and #44 on the Hot Black singles chart. He
followed that up with Take Control of the Party, which reached #2 on the dance chart the following year.

Eurodance brought him back, along with a new album entitled The Time Is Now, in 1994. Among the releases from
this album, let’s mention the huge Eurodance hits Can We Get Enough , The Colour Of My Dreams, or Can’t Love You.

For BG the public shows are as significant as the presence on the radio and in the charts. “Live appearances”, he
says, “are particularly important to me. There I can really emphasize fully my qualities of rapper. In studio I can only
show a part of what I can do”. His shows are thus already well-known, and they allow BG to make his public discover
his new creations, like Stomp. Released in 1996, this track contained some fast rap inserts, carried by very housy
beats. ‘It’s a cover of a song by Brother Johnston, a song I always enjoyed. The idea of transposing it in the 90s
made me enthusiastic’. This single announced a new album, with ‘more raps, and more soul in the accommodations’,
Get The Groove On.


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