Basic Element

Basic Element
Release date
01 January 1970
Basic Element
01 January 1970 |

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Basic Element was founded by the songwriter and singer Peter Thelenius & the former keyboard player Ceasar
Zamini, but they went separate ways in 1995. The image and members have replaced each other along the road
since then, but the year of 1998 Peter meet his partner for life in the band. Since that year has Jonas Wesslander
been a strong input and important member for Basic Element´s career. When Peter & Jonas meet each other, magic
took place, and there is nothing, even up till now that can separate these two guys! Not professional, or personal,
and that is a strong ingredient for the band’s strong connection and power.

During the 90´s Eurofever, Basic Element was produced by Mr. Stefan Andersson, but since to albums back the
band started to work with the fantastic house and dance machine-producer Mr. Tomas Kollder. This cooperation
was the platform for the new updated sound that took the band to a much higher level around the world than they
ever experienced before.

These days:

When you hear the name Basic Element, you probably relate the name with their last major hit ”Touch You Right Now”, that was placed as no1 at the official single and downloads charts of for ex: Russia, Poland, Netherlands among many others countries the success was planted on a very high level.

Right now, the band is now ready for another round, and have put the level even higher this time.

The new amazing first single ”SHADES” from the forthcoming album (with no name for the moment), is according
to the band the best song they ever done! This time the band invited the fabulous singer ”MAX C” to guesting on
the chorus parts together with Peter! Max C sang for example the lead vocals on the world hit track ”I Found You”
made by the Swedish DJ-producer Axwell from The Swedish House Maffia.
Max has also done collaborations with David Guetta, Avicii, Eric Prydz and most of the parts of the elite under the
dance and house flag. This time he landed on Basic Elements new tune, and we can proudly say nothing but this:
BASIC ELEMENT IS BACK WITH THE SHADES ON, and this story never seems to end. There are not many acts
under this genre that can present this long amazing story, and there are only a few bands that can compete with this
band’s live performance and experience! Over and out for now…Enjoy!


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