Bad Boys Blue

Bad Boys Blue
Release date
01 January 1970
Bad Boys Blue
01 January 1970 |

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The history of Bad Boys Blue started in Cologne, Germany, way back in 1984.

The original line-up of Bad Boys Blue was John Edward McInerney, Trevor Oliver Taylor and Andrew Freddie

The first single of the group called “L.O.V.E. In My Car” was released in the autumn of 1984. It did very well in the
discos and clubs. It was the first as well as the last single track that Andrew sang lead on as the group’s producers
decided that Trevor Taylor is going to become a lead singer of the group thenceforth.

In the spring of 1985 there was released single “You’re A Woman”, which became very popular in Europe. The track
sang by Trevor appeared in many European. In the summer of 1985 they released the debut album called “Hot Girls – Bad Boys“. The next single released from the album was “Pretty Young Girl” which did very well in the charts.

1986 brought another two hit-singles: “Kisses And Tears (My One And Only)” and “I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat
(Sunday Girl)”. Both singles promoted the second album called “Heartbeat“.

In 1987 there was released another single titled “Gimme Gimme Your Lovin’ (Little Lady)”, which discovered the
next album titled “Love Is No Crime” (released in June). Since the single didn’t achieve expected success, the group’s
producers decided that a track called “Come Back And Stay” will be released as the next single. It was the first track
that John sang lead on and its big trump were female parts. The single did very well in the charts.

1988 brought the next album titled “My Blue World“. It was promoted by three singles: “Don’t Walk Away,
Suzanne”, “Lovers In The Sand” and “A World Without You (Michelle)”.

After this, Trevor Taylor decided to leave the group, so the only remaining original members have always been John
and Andrew. For all the years they have involved some guest backing singers and dancers, but the name of the
group has always belonged to both of them.

In 1989 they released two singles: “Lady In Black” and “A Train To Nowhere” which promoted brand new album
called simply “The 5th“.

Game Of Love” was the name of the next album released in 1990. The album was promoted by three singles: “How
I Need You”, “Queen Of Hearts” and “Jungle In My Heart”.

In 1991 there was released single “House Of Silence“, which discovered the new album under the same title.

In 1992 there was released the next album “Totally“, which was promoted by three singles: “I Totally Miss You”,
“Save Your Love” and “A Love Like This”. The first two singles were released in the USA as special editions including
some extra remixes produced especially for an American market.

1993 was another turning point in the career of the group. The guys released another single titled “Kiss You All
Over, Baby”, that promoted their next new album called “Kiss“.

In 1994 there was released single “Go Go (Love Overload)”, which promoted brand new album titled “To Blue
Horizons”. The item was promoted by two more singles: “What Else?” and “Luv 4 U”. In the United States there was
even released special edition including two bonus tracks.

In June 1995 there was released single “Hold You In My Arms” that discovered the next album “Bang Bang Bang”,
released in 1996, that was promoted by one more single “Anywhere”.

In March 1998 the group released the single “You’re A Woman’98”. Brand new version of the very first hit did very
well in the charts. In the summer of 1998 the group released brand new album called “Back“, that was promoted by
three more singles: “The Turbo Megamix”, “From Heaven To Heartache” and “The Turbo Megamix Vol.2”.

In February 1999 there were released two singles: “Hold You In My Arms’99” and “The-Hit-Pack”, which promoted
another album called “…Continued“. Surprisingly the next album titled “Follow The Light” was released in
September of 1999.

May 29th, 2000 was released single “I’ll Be Good, that discovered brand new long play called “Tonite“.

July 2003 they released the single “Lover On The Line”, which the group’s new album titled “Around The World“,
released in August.

In January 2005 took place the last concert of original line-up as Andrew Thomas decided to leave the group. In
February of 2005 John was joined by Sylvia McInerney and Edith Miracle and spent the next months touring in
Germany, USA, Russia and Turkey performing along with a live group.

The next album of the group titled “Heart & Soul” and was released in June 2008. It was discovered by single “Still
In Love”, that included a couple of modern remixes.

“Queen Of My Dreams” was released as digital single in May 2009.

In June 2009 they released a special remix album “Rarities Remixed”, that mostly included modern remixes of old
album tracks.

In October 2009 they released a particular compilation titled “Unforgettable”, dedicated to Trevor Taylor &
Andrew Thomas – original members who passed away in 2008 and 2009.

In August 2010 they released the 25th anniversary single titled “Come Back And Stay /Re-Recorded 2010/”
including remixes and the 25th anniversary album titled “25” including 25 Re-Recorded hits, 7 brand new remixes
plus bonus DVD.

In June 2015 they released the 30th anniversary single titled “You’re A Woman 2015” including remixes and the
30th anniversary album titled “30” including reloaded versions of the hit singles, a few new hit versions as
well as some unreleased remixes and demo tracks.

Bad Boys Blue is still carrying on leaded by John McInerney (the only remaining original member and lead singer of
the group since 1987). The group is performing on many shows in such countries as Germany, Poland, UK, USA,
Finland, Israel, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Dubai and many


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