Release date
01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

In 1976 the Baccara duo started from Spain to conquer Europe. This international famous duo (including Mayte Mateos) with its sweet mediterranean touch makes everybody recall live romantic memories. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, Sorry I’m A Lady, Darling, Parlez Vous, Francais and The Devil Sent You To Lorado are to mention but a few of their huge hits.
At the moment they live on the island of Mallorca, where they do several shows a week, like the Casini-Paladium or Riu. Temperament is the other component that turns their show into something simply unforgettable.
Baccara have earned several golden and platinum records, they also received a diamond record for selling more than 500.000 copies in Spain.
In Germany they received the “Golden Bambi Award” for being the showstars of the year and one year later, they received the “Otto Award” from Bravo.