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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

There are a great many female vocalists. And then there is Anouk, all in a class of her own. When she sings, her voice rises from the depths of her being and impacts on the listeners, touching them profoundly. For over fifteen years Dutch listeners have been enthralled by this forthright woman who charts her own course, guided by her musical intuition.

Anouk Teeuwe first hits the Dutch music scene in 1997 with her single Nobody’s Wife, an explosive rock anthem about being independent that tops the Dutch charts for weeks on end. Dutch listeners en masse take to the power, clarity and expressiveness of Anouk’s voice and the way it conveys the deepest emotions. A rock star is born. Anouk hails from The Hague and is then twenty-two years old, but certainly no stranger to the Dutch musical scene. Two years before her breakthrough she’s a student at the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music when she meets Barry Hay, front man of the renowned Golden Earring band. Together they perform a couple of songs at a festival in The Hague. Barry Hay is bowled over by Anouk’s voice and offers to compose some songs for her. Their cooperation results in Anouk’s first single: Mood Indigo. Almost a year later sees the release of Nobody’s Wife, a hit that firmly establishes Anouk’s reputation as the number one female singer.

Fast forward to the present. After sixteen years Anouk is still a hugely popular artist in The Netherlands. Of the eleven albums released by her, seven have hit the top spot of the album charts, while thirteen singles have become massive top ten hits. Over the years the music world has showered her with awards, earning her no less than nine Edison’s (the Dutch equivalent of the Grammy Awards). In 2001 Anouk wins the Pop Prize, a prestigious annual prize for an artist who has made a significant contribution to Dutch popular music, and both in 2005 and in 2006 she walks away with the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Dutch Act.

Between 1997 and 2011, Anouk releases seven studio albums, yielding scores of hits. Although initially this free-spirited singer-songwriter is mainly known for her explosive rock songs such as Nobody’s Wife and R U Kiddin’ Me, she also offers tender and fragile songs such as Lost and Michel. Later albums contain experiments in soul, funk and hip-hop but all these different elements are sustained by her unique powerhouse of a voice. Anouk’s voice can purr, stir and roar and cover the broadest emotional spectrum from the very tender to the fiercest abandon. Add to this Anouk’s often painfully honest song lyrics and it becomes clear why she always strikes such a deep chord in her fans that share in her emotional vision.

Anouk is also an international success. Nobody’s Wife topped the charts in Norway and Sweden, whilst in Denmark she scored a number one hit with Lost. In Albania the single One Word reached the number one spot. Anouk’s albums have been released in Belgium, the Scandinavian countries, Israel, Turkey and Italy, and she has worked with renowned international professionals such as Glen Ballard (American record producer of Michael Jackson, Alanis Morisette and Celine Dion), Reggie Perry (American record producer of Jay Z and John Legend), and Ryan Lesie (American record producer of Mary J Blige).