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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

Alessia Aquilani (aka Alexia) is Italian singer, who was born in the 19th of May 1967 in La Spezia, Italy. She came out with her huge hits Summer Is Crazy (released in 1996) and Uh La La La (1997). Alexia’s first solo record was single Me and You (in 1995)
1995-1997: Alexia’s first solo release was single Me and You in ’95. In ’96 was released singles Number One and Summer Is Crazy. Finally, in ’97 was released Alexia’s first solo album Fan Club. That year brought also single Uh La La La.
1998: Album the Party was released in summer ’98. From this album was released singles Gimme Love, The Music I Like and Keep on Movin’.
1999: Alexia’s third album was called Happy. First single released from this album was Goodbye.
2000: In May was released single Ti Amo Ti Amo.
2001: Money Honey was first single released from the album Mad for Music.
2002: Album Alexia and single Dimmi Come, brought the change to language with which Alexia is singing. Alexia started to mainly sing in Italian.
2003: Alexia’s seventh album Il cuore a modo mio was released and it continued the soul, blues and r’n’b style. From the album as a single was released the Sanremo Winner song Per dire di no and Egoista.
2004: Alexia worked with big name producers Louis Biancaniello and Sam Watters, who have made hits for example to Anastacia. The cooperation brought the first single Come tu mi vuoi (You Need Love) taken from the album Gli occhi grandi della luna. On the album is also song Se te ne vai cosi (I Want It to Be Me) by Diane Warren, who has made hits for example to Celine Dion and Aretha Franklin. As a radio single was released the song Una donna sola.
2005: Alexia took part to Sanremo and came second in the category of women with the song Da Grande. After the Sanremo were released the single Da Grande and the album Da Grande
2006 Summer tour Live in Italy
2007 Release of the new Single Du Du DU and summer tour Live in Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.
2008: Alexia’s new album “Alè” have been released in April.
In August, Alexia did a special live concert in Beijing, for the Olympic games.
In October, Alexia was selected to represent Italy at Globalone Music, worldwide music project uniting the talents of platinum selling artists covering 20 countries over 5 continents.
2009: Alexia took part to San Remo festival in February with Mario Lavezzi with the song Biancaneve written by Mogol and Mario Lavezzi