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01 January 1970
01 January 1970 |

3T are Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and TJ Jackson, sons of Tito Jackson and the nephews of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Jackson. 3T have inherited the ultimate pop music pedigree and are part of the celebrated First Family Of Pop family tree: The Jacksons.

The debut album BROTHERHOOD sold over 3 million copies worldwide and includes the mega hits “Anything”, “Why”, “I Need You” and singles “Tease Me”, “24/7” and “Gotta Be You”.

3T wrote and produced songs for soundtracks such as The Jacksons: An American Dream (1992), Free Willy (1993), Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995), Men in Black II (1997) and Trippin’ (1999).

The album titled IDENTITY was released in 2004. Two singles were released: “Stuck On You” and “Sex Appeal”.
After a stratospheric career in the 90’s and early 00’s, the brothers decided to take an extended hiatus to tend to their education, creating music for both 3T and other artists, and start their own families.

In 2015, 3T starred in Lifetime’s docuseries ‘The Jacksons: Next Generation’ that features the brothers as they work to balance a career and their lives as traditional family men while living up to the pressures and demands that comes with their last name.

CHAPTER III is 3T’s return to the charts and the stage. This album allows 3T to take fans, old and new, with them on the next chapter of 3T.