2 Brothers on the 4th Floor

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
Release date
01 January 1970
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor
01 January 1970 |

Bobby and Martin Boer started experimenting with music in a small bedroom in their parental house in an apartment building on the 4th floor. The brothers brought together rapper Da Smooth Baron MC and singer Peggy “The Duchess” to form their stage act. The first single Can’t Help Myself was released in 1990 and became an international hit. The second single Turn Da Music Up – performed by rapper Da Smooth Baron MC and Gale Robinson – gave 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor the international hit potential that would ring on in the music industry for years to come. It took some time for the big break through, but the beat was back in 1993.

In 1993 the brothers started working intensively together on a new single. No longer on the 4th floor, but in a real studio. This was where the single Never Alone was born and launched with vocals by D-Rock (René Philips) and Des’Ray (Desirée Manders). The 2 brothers were back and created international Eurodance hits. Throughout 1993 and 1994 international hits were delivered to the international dance scene: Never Alone, Dreams and Let Me Be Free.

Over the years multiple international hits were produced as 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor. Gradually changing the style from Eurodance into happy hardcore. Singles like Fly (Through the Starry Night), Come Take My Hand and Fairytales were international bestsellers and topped charts all over Europe. Late 1996 the style of 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor shifted over to R&B with the single One Day which was well received by the audience. But Bobby and Martin decided to go back to their Eurodance roots and came up with the single I’m Thinkin’ of U.

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor tried another new style in March 1998. The single Do U Know was released which had the style of a mid to low tempo pop track. In the fall of 1998, the single The Sun Will Be Shining was released. It contained remixes by Mark van Dale & Enrico, Dance Therapy and the Dub Foundation. The single was launched with a special extra: a CD-ROM featuring the videos and “The Making Of”. From 1999 until 2001 the brothers kept on producing music and releasing singles as 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor. Singles like Heaven Is Here, Living in Cyberspace, Wonderful Feeling and Stand Up and Live were released.

The vibe is still going strong. As from 2006 there are live performances of 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor at 90’s parties and music festivals. Almost every week you can see 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor perform live.

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